14 Essential items for your African safari


  1. A
    light raincoat/drimac will be great; sunny hot days can turn into a cloud burst
    of rain cooling down the African terrain
  2. Definitely
    sunscreen! Our warm African sun can be quite harsh at times
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Hat
  5. Small
    water flask
  6. An
    insect repellent will also be extremely handy for those six-legged friends!
  7. Comfortable
    light/cool clothes (NEUTRAL COLOURS). A light scarf(ladies) will also be a good
    idea. It can get quite windy whilst on the game drives
  8. Swimsuit
  9. Comfortable
    shoes/sandals. Ladies – No high heels and high wedges / platforms
  10. Closed
    shoes for after dark
  11. Camera
    and binoculars
  12. Basic
    ointment/cream for skin irritations/bites/stings, anti-malarials/prophylaxis
    and hay fever medication (for dust and grass pollens if you are sensitive)…and
    for winter, add on….


  1. Definitely
    a warm jacket! On the beautiful early morning drives it is very chilly; and on
    the afternoon drives, the crisp winter air can be felt once the sun sets
  2. A beanie
    and/or warm scarf to keep the African winter at bay

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