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Travel Documents and Money



Make sure you are in possession of a full valid passport. This must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of your EXIT from Africa.

Travel and accommodation vouchers

After you have paid your final balance we will send you your vouchers. Your Travel Voucher should be handed to your guide on arrival as proof of your place on the tour. It will be sent to you by Tydon African Safaris or by your booking agent and will be sent by email or post. If you have booked any pre-tour or post-tour accommodation through us we will also send you Accommodation Vouchers. If you have not received your necessary vouchers within two weeks of departure please contact us immediately.

Airport transfer details

It is your responsibility to ensure that we have your correct flight arrival details. Please let us know your time of arrival and flight number as soon as you know them. If you do not think you have given us your flight details or your flight details have changed please contact us.

Vaccination certificate

If you have a vaccination booklet, we suggest you bring it as proof of immunisation should any problems occur. The certificates are seldom re-issued so keep it in a safe place


You will require money on your tour for the following things

Personal Items

Optional Activities

Spending Money

ATMs – ATMs are prevalent and reliable in Southern Africa.

Credit Cards – MasterCard and Visa can be used in most places, particularly South Africa and Namibia. Balloon or helicopter rides also can be paid for with a credit card.

Travellers Cheques – Travellers Cheques are the most secure way of carrying money as they can be replaced if lost or stolen. They are ideal for emergency funds or keeping funds ‘dormant’ if you’re on a longer journey. Ensure your traveller’s cheques are a well known brand – Thomas Cook, American Express or Visa – as these are the most widely accepted. You must also carry your proof of purchase receipt – many banks in Africa may not cash your cheques if you cannot provide the receipt on demand. Please note that a commission may be charged (which may be up to 10%) when cashing travellers cheques even with well known brands. Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Dollars cash/ travellers cheques are not widely accepted.


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