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Travel Health and Safety


For up to date advice we recommend that you consult your doctor or local vaccination centre.

Get the right vaccinations

Make sure you consult your doctor or travel clinic at least 6 weeks before you travel to check which vaccinations you might require.


Tydon Camps fall into a low risk malaria area. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for further information on prophylaxis. In addition to taking anti-malaria medication we recommend the following precautionary measures: cover your arms, feet and legs during the early mornings and evenings by wearing long sleeve clothing and apply a good quality mosquito repellent. Each tent is equipped with mosquito repellent and all windows and doors on the tent is gauzed, so the tent is completely sealed. Do not let the risk of malaria stop you from enjoying your safari! Over a million visitors come to the Kruger National Park every year, and very few cases of malaria are ever reported.


It is vital that you obtain Travel Insurance so that you are covered should you become ill, injured or lose belongings while you are away.

It is vital you bring your insurance certificate and policy booklet on tour. Please ensure you have cover for the full period of travel and that this is shown on the certificate. Travel Insurance can be obtained from most Credit Card providers and is reasonably priced.


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